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Michelle Eshkeri

Creative freelance copywriter in London

SEO Copywriting, Content Writing and Writing Coaching

Freelance creative copywriting,

SEO copywriting, blog writing,

content creation and writing coaching

to take your business to the next level.

Communicate better, achieve more.


"Say it simply"



A world where you can write simply and with ease to enable you to resonate with your ideal client.



Tailored 1:1 writing coaching, group writing academies and done-for-you copywriting to achieve that vision.



client first

You are busy and you want to grow your business, but you want to sleep too. And spend time with your family and have friends and hobbies. Sometimes you can't do it all. Let me deliver for you.


Your business, your customers and your services or products authentically represented in your brand voice. When I write for you, people will think it is you.


Although I have a degree in English, it definitely doesn't guarantee to make a great copywriter. Life experience, judicious editing and always striving for the right words are more important.


You'll always know what's happening, especially if things are going off-track. Letting down a client at the last minute is not an option.


Your information, product descriptions, images and other business collateral is safe with me. Nothing will ever be shared without your written permission.


Your virtual team member, just a call away when you need more support with your business writing.

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