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Keeping Up

Blog writing, social media and brand awareness:

The world has become so fast paced that it can feel overwhelming to keep up with it all. Even if you love writing, it can eat into the time you want to spend on your core business, whether that's making cakes, building houses or taking photographs.

Getting noticed

If you aren't visible on the web and social media, your potential customers won't see your products and services and you will lose them to your competitors who are relentlessly "out there". Creating high quality content that provides value will help your brand gain loyal customers who recommend you to others.

Brand Awareness

You want quality content to accurately represent your brand and excite your clients to find out more, but you just can't keep up with everything you need to do. Having a clear blogging strategy and delivery plan can help your business run more smoothly.


Did you know that businesses with blogs create 67% more leads per month than ones without blogs? Source: HubSpot.

Do you want more business?

Who doesn't?

Blog Writing Packages



1 blog a month
up to 600 words
2 edits
Full Stop


2 blogs a month
up to 600 words
2 edits


4 blogs a month
up to 600 words
2 edits

Long form blogs

Google favours long form content, so if you want to rev up your ranking,

the packages below are for you

Question Mark


1 x 2000 word blog
2 edits
SEO ready


1 x 2000 blog, 3 x 500 word
2 edits
SEO ready


2 x 2000 word, 2 x 500 word
2 edits
SEO ready

If you require a one-off blog, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements. One-off blogs take the same amount of up-front research as when you are working for a retainer client, so these are charged at a higher rate.

For example up to 600 words, would usually cost around £90-100 depending on the complexity of the topic.

Blog packages are for a minimum of 3 month subscription to deliver maximum value to your business.

Blog packages: Time to invest wisely

I can take away the constant headache of what to write about to get your business noticed and stay visible.

High quality blogs
Delivered to an agreed schedule
That won't break the bank