42 ways to get new clients as an accountant

Whether you’re self-employed or employed, a major part of being an accountant is your clients.

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How to Write an About Page [Updated 2022]

Figuring out how to write an About page can be one of the trickiest parts

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Michelle sitting to write a 500 word blog

How To Write A 500-Word Blog Post

If you want to write a 500-word blog post quickly – split the post into

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SEO termonology beginners guide

SEO terminology – A beginner’s guide to everything SEO

SEO terminology can be a bit bewildering when you are trying to get to grips

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How do you write SEO content for your website?

Writing SEO content for your website is a subtle blend of art and science, or

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LinkedIn profile: 10 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Stand Out

LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful business networking platform, so you must get your LinkedIn

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Blog Writing Services: Why Copywriters Don’t Follow Their Own Advice

When I was researching blog writing services and trying to decide whether I could be

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