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The world is a better place when we all look out for each other which is why Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) is a vital part of every business.

Here’s how Let ME Write has helped the local and wider community in 2023 and 2024.

Help 4 The Homeless

Corporate social responsibility is never more important than when it supports a small local charity in vital community work. Through networking, I met Lloyd and Shoshana Gilmore, the founders of Help 4 The Homeless, a North London/Herts based charity. This charity feeds and clothes up to 150 homeless people each week in Central London and provides groceries to families in need in North London. 

This year, I have donated £1600 to the charity, supported fundraising events and helped out with preparing for the weekly food route in London. In the coming months, I plan to volunteer more time and to see for myself the good work this charity does by helping out on a Thursday evening.

The Big Choir

The Big Choir, founded in 2016 by Sharon Czapnik Down, is a community choir that raises funds for the Francis Crick Institute. Based in two groups in Barnet and St. Albans, the choirs put on two main fundraising shows per year, in summer and at Christmas. I joined the choir in September 2023 partly to help raise funds and partly to simply enjoy singing with others. To date, the Big Choir has raised over £250,000 for cancer research activities.

Pro Bono work

From time to time, I support small charities by providing pro bono copy or content writing. If you need support with a small project, such as a couple of web pages, a LinkedIn profile or other marketing assets, please get in touch.

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