What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method that involves the production and distribution of high quality, valuable and educational content to a specific audience to generate interest and community around the products and services of a business. It can include blogs, online articles, videos, webinar,

e-books and other types of digital media which offer value.

It doesn't matter if you sell makeup, gelato or strange pink buildings, reach more customers with content marketing


3 Reasons Why You Should Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business

Improve Conversations

It's not enough to put a couple of pages on your website and hope that Google serves up your info when a user searches for your product or service.

Most customers feel that they get to know a company or brand better through articles, blogs and online conversation such as Twitter and Facebook rather than simply viewing an ad.

Build Trust

Customers want a deeper relationship than ever before with many of the businesses they buy from, especially if it is a local business.

Content marketing allows you to explore in detail your customers needs, wants and purchasing barriers, so that you can help them make an informed decision to buy from you.

Increase Sales

Through consistent use of content marketing which delivers tangible value to your customer, you grow the relationship.

When your customers trust you and see you as an authority in your field, you become their go-to provider, which has a positive impact on your revenue without you having to do the hard sell.

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If you want to know more about content marketing, a comprehensive resource

is the Content Marketing Institute.

How Can A Freelance Copywriter/Content Writer Help?

Your business needs a content marketing plan. You've heard the old cliche, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is certainly true when it comes to being consistent with your web copy, blogging and social media presence.

And consistency is as important as delivering high-quality content. If you post every day for a week, more people get to see your content, but then if you don't post again for a month, you lose their interest. It's better to post less frequently but on a regular schedule than have an avalanche followed by a drought.

A good freelance content writer will take time to fully understand your business, get to know your products or services and get inside your customers' heads. Only then can they start to provide valuable content. Posting low-quality content is worse that posting no content at all. Your brand reputation can be trashed in seconds.

Your Freelance Content Writer Can Help You To:

Brainstorm themes or topics for each month or week.

Distill out the most important messages for each piece of content.

Decide what customer action you would ideally like from each piece of content.

Identify which platforms you want to target first if you are focusing on social media

(its hard to do them all - where are your clients hanging out?)

Create a meaningful content plan with dates and times for posting.

Analyse the impact of the content marketing plan on a regular basis.

Update the content marketing plan frequently.


"The finest language is

mostly made up of simple

unimposing words"

George Eliot

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