Customer Success Stories

Customer success stories are more than just testimonials. They explain in more depth how you met the customers needs or desires or solved their problem.


I met Lucy Woods, owner of Presence of Mind at Cappucino Connections, an informal networking meeting. Lucy had been in business about 8 months at the time and was working on getting a new website up. She explained that although she had some copy, she wasn't happy with it and her web developer was pressing her for the words so the site could go live.

I offered to write a page about Mindfulness in Schools. Within 2 hours of returning from the meeting, I had researched mindfulness and re-written the copy for Lucy. When she saw my work, she immediately hired me to write several other pages on her website.

Lucy's business started to grow and she has recently asked me to re-write some of the other copy on her website to attract even more customers.

I have been writing blogs for GBN Primo on behalf of their social media/SEO management agency, Loving Social Media for about 6 months. It's a collaborative process between me, the agency and the client. We discuss relevant topics to write about and research the keyphrases to use. After drafting the blog, it is reviewed by GBN, any amendments are made by me and then Loving Social Media team check the in-blog SEO is correct before uploading the blog to GBN's website.

A couple of examples are:

Top 10 Tips for Health Eating in Restaurants

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair in 2020

You can see more on GBN's website.


Andrea, a Utilities Warehouse Distributor, wanted to grow her visibility on LinkedIn. I interviewed her for about 45 minutes, asking her all sorts of questions about her background, business goals, strengths, preferences and so on. After a couple of edits, Andrea was delighted with her About section and we also spent time adding relevent information to the other sections on her profile. She is now in the process of growing her LinkedIn connections and engaging with the community.

Third Eye is an alarms and CCTV systems installer working in North London. Another client of the social media management agency, they receive one blog a month. Around 2 weeks before the deadline for the blog, I contact the client to discuss pertinent topics. Sometimes these have a seasonal theme such as keeping your home safe over the holidays and sometimes we focus on a particular product that they want to promote. After a couple of drafts, they are happy to have the agency team upload the blog and distribute it via their social media channels.

Recent topics have included:

Why Should I Get An Alarm System in 2020

The 4 Best Smoke Alarms in 2020

If you get the blog right you can feature in a Google Snippet


After meeting Liz Devonshire, a London-based photographer whilst networking, I was commissioned to write a series of newsletters, some blogs and some webcopy for a joint venture between Liz and another photographer, Nathalie Crouch. The process is a highly collaborative one enabling me to learn how to write as New Shoots with authenticity. This is always a work-in-progress, especially with a start-up venture where the approaches, ways of working and goals are constantly evolving. We meet and talk regularly to ensure that everything sounds exactly on message. The blog positions New Shoots as one of the best Instagram Photography Workshops in London and ranks on page 1 of Google for thay keyphrase. Check out the blog here.

I worked closely with Children's Traffic Club, a company providing products and services to promote road safety education for the under 5s.

Through a series of blog articles, I helped CTC reach page 1 on Google for "How Do I Teach My Child Road Safety". Once again, it was very much a collaborative approach, normally requiring a couple of rounds of edits to get the required message.

Check out the blogs here


When make-up artist Peghe Kakolyris-Yianni decided to have a beautiful new website designed, she needed copy that clearly highlights her passion and attention to detail. Peghe and I worked together to get the wording perfect to help her stand out in a competitive niche.


Julie Dunne of Bright and Beautiful Enfield, a domestic and commercial cleaning company wanted to target churches and community halls. I drafted her a sales letter to send by email with a follow up mechanism to help her convert her local prospects into happy clients.


When Spectrum Optica wanted to send an exclusive offer to some of their customers, they called me in to write the email. I also provided a .pdf copy which could be printed so that it could be handed out in the shop.