Content Writing Services

SEO blogs and social media content for busy financial services professionals

What happens when you don’t have the
to write your own blog posts or social media content?

Freelance SEO content writing services are the answer to your problems.

Imagine being able to give a few simple instructions to someone on your team
and they can produce ALL the social media content you need for the month.

How GREAT would that be?

I’d like to hire that person myself sometimes 😉

What would you do with all the time you would save if you didn’t have to worry
about all the pesky marketing content you have to write?

£ See more paying clients and make more money?

💻 Get off the computer a couple of hours earlier and watch THAT movie
that everyone else saw MONTHS ago?

🍮 Have a much-needed walk, nap or meet a friend for coffee?

Whatever it is, I can make that happen for you.

For less than you think, you can get 💎 sparkly, shiny content
– blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram posts.

Freed up my time

I have been delighted with the social media content writing services I took out with Michelle. It has allowed me to keep my content fresh and ensure there is always a pipeline of posts ready to go. The process and efficiency has really been beneficial to my business, and it has freed up my time to allow me to spend more time working for the benefit of my customers, which is the most important aspect of my business.
N.H, Financial Planner
Michelle sitting in chair
Michelle at table inside

Here’s how my SEO content writing services work

1) Choose from blogs or socials or a mix of the two
2) Decide how many of each you would like per month
3) Choose 3, 6 or 12-month retainer
4) Once we’ve sorted the paperwork, we’ll have a meeting each month to discuss post topics, key messages and Call-to-Action
5) Sit back and wait for your content to be delivered

What could be simpler?

But what happens if you need changes?

It’s no problem – up to 2 rounds of edits are included in the
package price, so you’ll always get exactly what you need.

Plus you can vary your content writing package if your needs change.

Highly recommended

Michelle has helped me so much with my business copy, writing both blogs and newsletters for my photography and training businesses, the quality of her writing is second to none with a swift turn around and her research is spot on. Not only that but she has always helped to promote both my businesses and is great to brainstorm with too. I would highly recommend Michelle to any business that needs help with their written marketing campaigns!
Liz Devonshire, Owner at
Liz Devonshire Photography
Michelle writing in notebook
Content writing services desk with coffee and keyboard

Leveraging SEO content writing services

If you’ve chosen blogs, these will be optimised for search engines using long tail keywords which improve your chances of ranking high up on Google. Your blog is written with the reader in mind first and SEO a close second.

Publishing blog posts on your website is great but you need to make the content work as hard as possible for you.

You need to be driving traffic to your website by promoting the blog post in multiple places online such as your own social media, in groups, as a LinkedIn article, on other people’s blogs and re-purposed as video or podcasts.

If this all sounds like TOO MUCH for you,
let me take some of the strain.

If you’ve chosen a social media content writing package, then each post will be tailored to the
primary platform and you can re-purpose it for the other platforms, making it simple for you to
maximise your investment in content creation.

I work with a variety of business owners, predominantly in the finance & professional
services sector and the health & wellbeing sector.

Done-for-you content is a gift

If you would like to reclaim more time, reduce the overwhelm of content creation
AND more importantly, resonate with your ideal client, you need ME.

Stay Sane, Get Seen

If you want to have your reader nodding along when they read your posts,
but you just can’t find the right words,
or it takes you an AGE to write one little post.

Your struggle is over.


Get in touch and get me on your team.
Perhaps we can even start tomorrow?