Linkedin Optimisation

LinkedIn is a great source of clients but are you leveraging your account and creating opportunities through your profile and your content? If not, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business.

Linkedin optimisation doesn’t have to be hard, but it does require you to show up consistently with high quality content showcasing the problems you solve and who for.

Your LinkedIn profile is an effective landing page where you can attract people who need your products or services and demonstrate how you can improve their lives by solving their biggest issues, whether business related or personal.

Perhaps you find it hard to write about yourself and struggle to articulate the benefits of your services and products? Maybe you are stuck for what to write on your LinkedIn posts that will result in people dropping into your inbox asking to work with you?

Create a fully optimised profile and content using professional photography, graphic design skills and copywriting to reel in your dream clients.

Two ways to work with me:

1. LinkedIn profile makeover


LinkedIn profile makeover £1020 (pay in 3 monthly installments of £340)

Add 5 bespoke reusable sales posts for £150.

Add a LinkedIn company page for £220.

2. LinkedIn content monthly retainer


Let’s have a quick chat to see if we are a good fit to work together and get your LinkedIn optimisation scheduled in the calendar.

LinkedIn optimisation content packages start at £300/m for minimum of 6 months retainer. See 2023 prices for content packages.

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