Website copywriter delivering benefit-driven copy that resonates with your client

Website copywriting is a balancing act between writing for the reader and writing for the search engine.

You need to be answering the fundamental question that all website readers have when they land on your page…


If it’s not immediately clear to the reader that they have landed on a website that can solve their problem or meet their desire… BOOM! THEY ARE GONE.

And maybe you will never get another chance to know that client.

How can a professional web copywriter help you?

Your copy must create a relationship, grow trust and authority and ultimately help your potential customer to feel happy to buy from you.

Your copy should be like a friendly SATNAV guiding your reader down the page, encouraging them to take the action you want them to take. If your website isn’t well laid out, or the navigation is tricky or your copy is hard to understand, then you’re taking your reader down a one-way street or round and round in circles and that’s not going to result in conversions or sales.

Why you need an SEO website copywriter for your business

Put simply, if you aren’t showing up on Google…

…your website isn’t working as hard for you as it could be.

A great SEO website copywriter understands how to write to meet the needs of your reader first, closely followed by Google. It’s not a dark art and it can be learnt by any business owner, but it takes time, effort and patience. 

And if you struggle to do that, bring in a professional who can help you resonate with your clients and understands how to research keywords and embed them correctly for optimal on-page SEO.

I’ll focus on web pages and blog posts that use target keywords in specified places in the copy to signpost to Google what the page is about. By carefully choosing keywords, over time you can rank your business on page 1 of Google.

This is a medium-term strategy that relies on high-quality content production and distribution. When Google notices that your site has been updated, it searches for information to help it correctly categorise the content – that’s where the keyword comes in.

4 steps for how we’ll work together to write your copy


I’ll send you a detailed copywriting brief to gather all the information about you, your business, your products and services and most importantly, your customers.


Once you’ve completed it, we’ll have a Zoom call to discuss any further questions and for me to fully understand your tone of voice, listening carefully to the language you use so when I write for you, it sounds like you.


I’ll write the home page and you’ll give your feedback. We’ll work on it until you are happy with the content and tone.


Once the home page is signed off, I’ll draft the rest of the pages. You’ll get up to two rounds of edits and I’ll always guarantee you’ll be happy with the results – 100% money-back if you aren’t satisfied.


Once your new website copywriting is published, you’ll need to keep adding fresh, valuable content to your site, ideally weekly so that Google sees your site as worthy to rank highly. Monthly SEO blog writing services can provide 1 to 8 blogs a month to put your site firmly on the Google map.

That’s all there is to it so if you want to re-write your website or you are launching a new site and need copy written from scratch, just take the easy next step…

I want new web copy!

P.S. Before you go…

… here’s my blog about website copywriting for your About page – perhaps this will give you some inspiration.

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