Children’s rhyming story books

Filled with bright illustrations and lovable characters, these children’s rhyming story books introduce health and wellbeing topics such as nut allergy, insomnia and hay fever to young children. The books are used in schools and nurseries to support curriculum learning and a series of school’s workshops are also available. Contact me to discuss your workshop requirements.

Children’s rhyming story books for 3-7 year olds

Helping young children to understand these health conditions means that they can empathize with friends and siblings and find ways to be inclusive.

Coming soon in the series…

The Dare To Be Different Series tackles some of the most common childhood health and wellbeing topics.

Arlo the Owl who is afraid of the dark

Flashie the Fox who has asthma

Reg the Crocodile who doesn’t eat meat

Ingrid the Duck who can’t swim

Other books

Poppy Puppy Counts – learn to count with a puppy with very long ears

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