Finance copywriting FAQs

Here I’ll answer all the questions you might have about finance copywriting and finance copywriters.

What is finance copywriting?

Finance copywriting, also known as financial copywriting or financial services copywriting is a niche service within the copywriting services industry. Financial copywriting includes writing for professionals such as accountants, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, wealth managers, insurance brokers, bookkeepers, finance SaaS, fintech, and payment providers.

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What does a finance copywriter do?

A financial copywriter produces written materials for financial clients which are usually for marketing purposes. This could include sales or ad copy, website copy, product/service descriptions, brand messaging and landing pages.e

Why do I need financial copywriting?

Financial copywriting helps your business to reach more of the clients you want to work with. It positions your business as an authority and an expert in your industry, explaining the benefits of your product or service to those who need your help.

How do I hire a finance copywriter?

Hiring a financial copywriting is all about finding a writer with experience in the financial services industry. The best financial copywriters understand the financial landscape including the FCA rules on financial promotions. Choose a copywriter who has either worked in finance themselves before or who has several years of financial copywriting experience. You can search on Google of course, but LinkedIn is also a great place to find a skilled financial copywriter.


How much does finance copywriting cost?

This question is a very difficult one to answer. Finance copywriting is more challenging than writing in other niches because of the technical nature of the topics and the regulations. Financial copywriting rates are often more expensive than other types of copywriting. At present, financial copywriter rates in the UK vary significantly. You can expect to pay around £400-£500 per day for a mid-level copywriter with 3-4 years experience. For a senior copywriter, rates could be as much as £800-£1000 a day, or even more. Many financial copywriters will price by the project and some offer monthly retainers for SEO blog writing or LinkedIn content writing.

What’s the difference between a finance copywriter, a financial copywriter and a financial services copywriter?

There’s no difference between a finance copywriter, a financial copywriter and a financial services copywriter – they are interchangeable terms. Each copywriter will have their own preferred label but they will all broadly offer similar services.


What is a financial services content writer?

In some cases, there is no difference between a financial services content writer and a financial services copywriter. However, content writers tend to focus on educational content such as blogs and articles, whereas copywriters work on sales copy such as magazine advertisements, social media ad copy or sales pages and letters. Some writers will provide both copywriting and content writing.

Why does financial copywriting matter?

Although you are the expert within your industry, understanding the intracacies of tax, accounting, personal finances or mortgages, you may not be best placed to articulate the value of your services to your ideal client. Using a finance copywriter enables you to bring your unique value proposition to your marketing, which attracts your audience and positions you as the best person to solve their problems.e

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