SEO Blog writing services

SEO blog writing is the lifeblood of your website. Without a constant flow of engaging content, your site won’t pass the test that Google sets for high-quality, expert-led websites.

SEO blog writing services enable you to:

Blogging must first serve the human needs of educating, informing and entertaining. After that, good marketing blogging needs to consider the needs of Google to ensure the site is ranked appropriately and can be found by those searching for the keywords you want to target.

The following content strategy gives your website a better chance of ranking well against your competitors:

Here’s an example of a content strategy for an accountant.

Tax accounting and compliance

Management accounting and reporting

Business development

General business

Within the first pillar of Tax and Compliance, there could be sub-pillars for Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax Self-Assessment, Inheritance Tax and so on.

Each blog will sit under one of the main content pillars and one or more of the sub-pillars and can be categorised so that website users can see all the blogs of one type together.

Designing an effective blogging content strategy requires understanding your business, your customers, your services and products, your values, customer pain points and desires, competitor behaviour and brand positioning. Only then do we undertake topic and keyword research to identify the subjects that your clients are searching for.

If you’ve wondered whether blogging is right for your business, almost invariably it is valuable but let’s talk about what outcomes you want to achieve so I can decide whether I can help you reach your targets.

This investment of £150 for a full blogging and content strategy is fully refundable from your first invoice if we decide to work together or I decide I can’t help you. You may also walk away with your action plan following the call and implement it yourself.

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