Financial Services Copywriting

Why do you need financial services copywriting?

Words are powerful.
The right words drive the action you want from your clients and I can help you find those words.

Hiring a copywriter who used to be an accountant gives you a competitive advantage. I speak your language so you don't have to waste time explaining terminology to me. But I can also translate the jargon into words that make sense to your ideal client - no unnecessary barriers.

Compelling copy is the single most important aspect of your website, social media posts, blogs - all your marketing communications. We all need words and we need the right words for everything we do in business.

It doesn’t matter how many stunning visuals you use on your posts, how easy your website is to navigate or how many people you have on your mailing list, if you aren’t using the right words, your customers aren’t going to listen and respond.

Perhaps you find writing difficult, too time-consuming or you simply don’t know how to begin?

A freelance financial services copywriter is the answer to your problems.

We can get started together on it.

Really pleased with her work

I have been working with Michelle for about 6 months now and I have been really pleased with her work. I am a perfectionist by nature and struggled with my social media content due to time constraints, it was often taking too long and I found myself procrastinating. Michelle has helped me to work out the topics for my social media content, targeting clients that I want to work with. She then provided me with quality posts, which I simply copy and paste. She has also written my profiles on LI and helped with my website. I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with time or ideas.

Maria Isaeva, Owner at
MI Wealth Consultancy
Financial services copywriting mobile and coffee

Maybe you simply just want to hand off your copywriting, so you can free up time to work on the stuff that brings you joy in your business.

No problem – my done-for-you freelance copywriter services take care of it with minimal input from you – if that’s what you want. Writing is where I get my joy.

Exactly the feel we were looking for

Michelle has just done a fantastic job re-writing our website. It was badly in need of an update but we never managed to find time to do it ourselves. Michelle took time at the start of the engagement to understand the feel we wanted for our website which was complicated by their being two of us with slightly different ideas! She then managed to create content which was a lovely mix between professional and the personal touch. This was exactly the feel we were looking for. Thank you Michelle!

Letitia Hutt, Director at
Absolute Accountants
Financial services copywriting webcopy client

Or maybe you like writing, but you need help creating better engagement in your community, converting more readers to raving fans or you just need
to be able to do everything more efficiently?

Copy that is ready to go

It's such a relief to find someone who is on the same wavelength and just 'gets it' and gets it done. Michelle is brilliant. With even just a whisper of a brief she listens, understands and delivers copy that is ready to go. I don't want to tell the world how talented Michelle is so that I can keep her as my secret weapon. But the cat is out of the bag now. Thank you for your invaluable support and long may our relationship continue.
Sarah White, Owner at
Ruffle Snuffle
Freelance copywriter Michelle with client
Finanical services copywrting process

Financial services copywriting packages means creating your content doesn’t have to be a drag

I can write for you or with you to create the copy you need, the relationships you desire and the business you LOVE.

People buy from people and it’s not enough anymore to shove an ad in front of someone’s nose and expect them to open their wallet. Consumers are savvy, brand aware and they crave connection – just who is the person behind the brand, what is their purpose, their values and how exactly do they service their clients?

If you aren’t providing all those answers in your copy, then you aren’t allowing your customers to get to know you. And without knowing you, how will they trust you and buy from you?

Relationships are everything and you can create amazing ones through the simple act of resonating with your ideal client and engaging in their world. Everything you write – emails, posts, newsletters, blogs, web copy, is an opportunity to deepen the connection with your client.

It’s about showing up authentically, consistently and with valuable content and it doesn’t need to feel icky or sales-y to drive the client to action.

So, when your ideal client is ready to buy, they know, with absolute certainty, that it is YOU that they will be buying from and it is YOU that provides the solutions they need.

Let's enjoy creating content


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