Sales and creative copywriting

Creative copywriting is all about finding new ways to say the same things so your clients sit up and take notice of you, rather than your competitors.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to make everything sound clever – often clear and simple is the best strategy.

Writing about yourself and your business can be tough. After all, you know everything there is to know so how do you begin to decide what to include in your copy and what to leave out?

Talk about your client, even on your website About page.

The first rule of good copywriting is ‘Make it about them, not you’ so focus your writing on the client, their hopes and dreams, and most importantly their pain points and challenges.

Sales copywriting has one job to do. Just one. Get the reader to take the action you want.

Each sentence must compel your reader to do just one thing – read the next sentence.

Without this, you can’t hope to bring your reader on the journey.

So, what do you need?

If you are looking for sales letters, landing pages, taglines, headlines or any other marketing where you want the reader to call you, email you, download a product, click the buy button, then you need words that drive your reader to the action.

I can help.

If you aren’t sure what sort of writing might work best, let’s chat about it.

An initial diagnostic consultation means I can find out about you and your business, the clients you work with, their problems and your solutions, so I can prescribe the right course of action. Think of it like an appointment with a medical consultant.  

After we’ve talked, you’ll take one of 3 actions:

I’ll decide I’m not the right specialist for you and I may refer you to someone else who can help.

You’ll get your diagnosis and a treatment (action) plan to improve your marketing that you can implement yourself.

You’ll need further support and we’ll agree to work together.

Creative copywriting to take your business forward

You’ll come away with deeper insight into what you need to do to fix any marketing challenges you’ve been having with an actionable plan to help you get there. There ‘s a small fee for this strategy call of £100. If I can’t help you or we work together the fee is refunded.

So, are you ready to slay your marketing gremlins?

P.S. There are only 2 consultation slots available each week. Grab one now.

Creative copywriting is part science, part art and when you get it right, selling becomes easy. Lead generation from direct mail, email marketing, sales landing pages, sales letters and social media content – get more high-quality clients using words that tell them what they need to hear.

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