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Getting ideal new clients is one of the most important activities every business needs to perfect and using great content and copywriting services can help you find them.

Without sufficient high-quality leads regularly coming into your sales funnel, your supply of paying clients soon dries up.

So, how can you find the people who need your products and services?

There is no one answer to this question because different marketing approaches work differently for different business, different customers, different products and services. Nothing is the same for everyone.

A focus on your client, not you

It can be overwhelming to attempt to use every marketing approach so it’s usually a good idea to focus in on 2 or 3 methods and really work hard to make them successful rather than having a spray and pray approach trying to be everywhere at once.

Cold marketing approaches such as sales letters and cold calls and emails have a bad reputation. So many businesses avoid them, thinking that they won’t get any results.

Here’s the thing…

… there are good and bad ways to make your approach.

The biggest mistake business owners make in their marketing is ASSUMING.

When you make assumptions about what problems your client has, without stopping to ask them detailed questions, you put up barriers immediately.

Go into your discovery call or present your email or letter as a fact-finding mission with ONE objective only…

To find out if the client has the problems you fix.

If they don’t, then you have no business selling them something they don’t need.

If you’ve tried cold marketing before and not had success, it’s probably because you’ve gone in too hard with your solution instead of finding out if the client has a problem. 

Don’t be the business who immediately cold pitches a prospect making wrong assumptions about them.

Sales letters (real ones that go in the post) and cold emails can have the right impact but they need to be tailored to the recipient which naturally requires research.

Do you have the time for that?


Well, let’s find out if it could work for your business.

It starts with an initial diagnostic consultation for me to find out about you, your business, services and products, clients, problems you solve, benefits and competitors. 

After that, one of 3 things will happen:

You’ll walk away with an action plan to improve your lead gen and implement it yourself.

You’ll ask me to help you implement the plan.

I’ll decide I can’t help you (I may refer you to someone who can)

As this consultation provides marketing insight and an actionable plan, there is an investment of £150 for this session. In the event we work together or I can’t help you, I’ll refund the fee.

So, what do you have to lose by having an initial chat about your situation?

P.S. I have only 2 consultation slots available each week, so grab a slot now.

Sales copywriting, sales letters, lead generation services, cold email marketing campaigns, warm email marketing campaigns and LinkedIn lead generation services making you so busy you’ll need more hours in the day.

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