Copywriting services for websites

Making your website work harder for your business

Website copywriting delivering benefit-driven copy that resonates with your client

Copywriting services for websites is a balancing act between writing for the reader
and writing for the search engine.

You need to be answering the fundamental question that all website
readers have when they land on your page…


If it’s not immediately clear to the reader that they have landed on a website that can solve their
problem or meet their desire…


And maybe you will never get another chance to know that client.

Your copy must create a relationship, grow trust and authority and ultimately help your potential
customer to feel happy to buy from you.

But if you aren’t showing up…

Your website isn’t working as hard for you as it could be.

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Copywriting services for websites that get results

When you write copy, always put the reader first and address the SEO elements second. And if you struggle to do that, bring in a professional who can help you resonate with your clients and understands how to research keywords and embed them correctly for optimal on-page SEO.

Copywriting services for websites should focus on web pages and blog posts that use target keywords in specified places in the copy to signpost to Google what the page is about. By carefully choosing keywords, you can rank your business on page 1 of Google.

This is a medium-term strategy that relies on high-quality content production and distribution. When Google notices that your site has been updated, it searches for information to help it correctly categorise the content – that’s where the keyword comes in.

Business owners have often heard about keywords, but don’t fully understand how to select the right ones. Go after a keyword that’s too generic and you will be lost in all the noise.

Copy that ranks highly on Google

Michelle is a wordsmith magician and really knows her stuff! We’ve used several of her services this past year. What stands out the most is her knowledge of SEO and the intricacies of what needs to be included in powerful and effective web copy. Michelle was patient with me along the way as I figured out the business and website concept. She is methodical and supportive and I will always be grateful for the way she managed our project and kept me on task to ensure she had what she needed to meet our ridiculously tight launch deadline - her turnaround was nothing short of miraculous. Michelle’s combination of technical knowledge, passion for writing and solid project management ensured our new website has all the copy it needs to ‘speak’ to our prospective clients and rank highly on Google.

Ronit Gerber, Bestselling Author, Motivational
Coach & Trainer. Creator and Principle Trainer of
The SMILE System
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What are ‘Long-Tail Keywords’?

The key to your website copywriting delivering your site onto page 1 of Google when a customer searches for the product or service you sell is choosing the right long-tail keywords.

A long-tail keyword is a phrase of three or more words which describes your product or service, and which is likely to be used by a customer looking for that product or service.

The more focused your keyword, the further along the buying journey the customer is likely to be.

Just think, if I already know that I want to find a cocktail bar in London with a great view where I can have a private party, then I will search for ‘hire a London cocktail bar with a view’ rather than just ‘cocktail bar’.

By niching on your keywords, you filter out the people who are browsing and focus in on the more serious buyers. Yes, the search volume is smaller, but those who are searching are much more likely to have their credit card at the ready.

Made my website copy a joy to read

I met Michelle over a virtual networking meeting and I was drawn to her love of writing and also her shared passion for education. She was the perfect fit for writing the copy for my new website. Michelle quickly understood my message and made the copy for my website a joy. She is professional, and friendly and takes a great pride in her work. I would thoroughly recommend working with Michelle, be it for web copy or for other content creation.

Sarah Brazenor, Owner at
Learning Connective
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Putting the reader first

So, depending on what you want your website to do for your business, we can work in different ways with a greater or lesser focus on SEO keywords as appropriate.

But we NEVER forget that the most important person is the reader so we must write to speak to them.

If your website needs a little bit of love and attention
to help you connect, it’s time to get in touch