Why do YOU need a freelance content writer?

Your About page is about you, right?

Well, yes and no.

That’s why I’m not going to tell you all about the ins and outs of my previous education, experience, the minutiae of what a freelance content writer does each day
or what I had for breakfast.

No-one cares.

Your About page is your opportunity to tell your clients why YOU are the perfect person for them.

Who are you, what do you stand for, what drives you, how can you help make their world a BETTER place?

These are the things that clients care about and they often care less about your backstory and your qualifications than you might think.

So don’t waste your connection opportunity by writing an About page that reads like your CV.

Tell your clients why and how you help them. Make a deep, lasting connection through how you speak to them.

What’s your purpose and vision? 

What’s your mission and values?

Just WHO do you want to work with, WHY and HOW. It’s as simple as that.

Whilst I’m on that subject – here’s my purpose.

Say it Simply

That’s the most straightforward way I can express it. If you are over-complicating your messages, then you are likely to be losing some of your potential clients.

Anything that takes too much effort to read or is dull will be a barrier to your client.

So, find the common ground and make that connection happen
using your words as simply as possible.

Freelance content writer Michelle portrait

I’m a freelance content writer who loves numbers

In a business sense, the numbers (aka finances) are important, but without the right words, your business won’t be as successful, and the numbers will be going in the wrong direction.

My background as an accountant means I am a fanatic for the detail, for finding just the right word – also makes me good at spotting typos.

I am only human though, so sometimes I make the odd spelling mistake and that’s OK – my sister points them out to me – thanks, sis!

Customer focused copy

I would HIGHLY recommend Michelle!! She has redone the copywriting for my website, and I am very pleased with the whole process and how it looks! We had a discovery session and after that, she flew away and produced all the sections on time, according to my brief and on top of it, she is a pleasure to work with! So overall, a very efficient and joyful experience! As she has a commercial background, her copywriting is very customer focused which is a unique selling point! Thank you Michelle!
Eva Edery,
Glass Artist
Freelance content writer Michelle writing on notepad

Avoid copy that’s riddled with grammar, punctuation and spelling errors because that detracts from your message – it makes you look unprofessional and uncaring.

Who wants to work with a business like that?

Not me!

When you work with me, you can be assured of COMMITMENT.

I originally wrote passion and I scrubbed that because it’s an overused word that has lost any real meaning.

Your success is as important to me as my success – the two are in partnership. So, commitment is the right word. Your copy needs to sound like you and make those deep connections I was talking about earlier.

You deserve to work with a freelance content writer who delivers on their promises, on time, every time. I’m not one for being late (makes me anxious) so expect your copy to show up when you need it.

Freelance content writer Michelle typing

Ideal for my target audience

Michelle turned around some quality writing for me on a short timescale. Michelle really grasped my requirements perfectly and succinctly! The tone and detail of her copywriting was ideal for my target audience. Very professional.
Kavya Andersen-Tuffnell,
Owner at Madison HR
Freelance content writer Michelle talking with client

Reliability, authenticity, integrity and quality.
Those are the 4 pillars of my business.

Anyway, enough about me.

What do YOU need?

If you are a time-poor business owner (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!) then you might be struggling to get all your content written in a way that draws in your ideal client
and switches them from browser to buyer.

You can breathe a sigh of relief now, knowing that you have me on your team
– to write for you, to copy-edit, to proof-read or to give you confidence
and techniques to do your own compelling copywriting.

Delivered exactly what I needed

After only one meeting I asked Michelle to write me a blog. I have never used a blog writer before as I rather enjoy writing but sometimes, I just don't have the time. That same day Michelle sent me her 'discovery' form for me to complete and a few days later I received my blog from Michelle. I was astounded by how well Michelle had researched the topic - she showed real in-depth knowledge in her writing. Michelle had obviously read all my own blogs too as she managed to get my tone of voice absolutely bang on! I was very impressed by how accurately she was able to be 'me'. Thank you, Michelle. I will definitely use you the next time I need a blog writer.
Sarah Clay,
Sarah Clay Social
Freelance content writer Michelle on phone
Freelance content writer Michelle on table

Release the burden of content creation

If you feel the relentless burden of producing engaging content weighing heavy on your shoulders and you just want to feel LIGHTER, then get in touch and find out if working together can release your pressure today.

Oh yes, before I go…

I should just mention that I am NOT the right copywriter for everyone. And that’s OK.

So, if you are a tech or legal business, I’m gonna confess right now that we probably won’t be a great fit for each other – those domains just aren’t my strong suit – but I may be able to refer you to other copywriters who excel in these areas and can do a great job for you.

If you are a financial services or health & wellbeing business, then come on in…YOU are who I love to serve.

PS. I work with a lot of finance related businesses because you can take the ‘girl’* out of accountancy, but you can’t take the accountancy out of the ‘girl’.

*‘girl’ is being used at the far reaches of its limit here – but you already know that – you’ve seen the pictures.

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