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As a busy website copywriter, I have been involved in a wide variety of content and copywriting projects from full website creation, refreshes, tone of voice consultancy, SEO blog writing and much more.

Here are some of the copywriting projects I’ve worked on:

Portfolio Eva Edery

Eva Edery
Glass Art


Eva Edery Glass Art

Tone of voice, SEO website copywriting
Customer Success Eva Edery website copywriter services

When I first met Eva Every at a networking meeting, I was blown away by the beauty of her sculptural glass wall art. Eva asked to have a 121 and I readily agreed, wanting to find out more about how she worked. Perhaps my immediate enthusiasm for her work contributed to her decision to hire a website copywriter to give her copy an overhaul.

First, we set about creating a less formal tone of voice, injecting some of Eva’s passion for her art into the copy. I listened carefully to Eva describing her inspiration for each collection, translating that into language that would resonate with the client.

Using a very collaborative approach, we teased out Eva’s voice and captured her love for her work. Eva was delighted with her new website.

Highly recommended

I would HIGHLY recommend Michelle!! She has redone the copywriting for my website, and I am very pleased with the whole process and how it looks! We had a discovery session and after that, she flew away and produced all the sections on time, according to my brief and on top of it, she is a pleasure to work with! So overall, a very efficient and joyful experience! As she has a commercial background, her copywriting is very customer focused which is a unique selling point! Thank you, Michelle

Eva Edery at Eva Edery
Glass Art
Customer Success Ruffle Snuffle website copywriter services

Ruffle Snuffle


Ruffle Snuffle, Pet Company

SEO blog copywriting
Customer Success Ruffle Snuffle website copywriter services

I met Sarah at age 11 when we were in the same class in secondary school. Despite not having met since the age of 18, we got back in touch on Facebook several years ago. Fast forward to 2020 and Sarah messaged me to ask if I could write some blog posts for her organic cotton T-shirt company. She’d seen my social media marketing and knew that I had started working as a website copywriter and content creator.

We’ve worked together for the past 6 months and Sarah’s asked me for blog posts for two of her businesses – the T-shirt company and her pet toy company on subjects as diverse as ’10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Tigers’, ‘The Complete Guide to Keeping Axolotls As Pets’ and ’21 Fun Ways To Recycle an Old T-shirt’.

The brief was simple – write a search engine optimised post to help create a content rich website. Sarah provided an outline and a few key messages and it worked brilliantly. It’s a great partnership.

Copy that is ready to go

It's such a relief to find someone who is on the same wavelength and just 'gets it' and gets it done. Michelle is brilliant. With even just a whisper of a brief she listens, understands and delivers copy that is ready to go. I don't want to tell the world how talented Michelle is so that I can keep her as my secret weapon. But the cat is out of the bag now. Thank you for your invaluable support and long may our relationship continue.

Sarah White, Owner at
Ruffle Snuffle
Portfolio SMILE Global

SMILE Global


SMILE Global, Positivity Training and Coaching

Tone of Voice, SEO Website Copywriting, Blog posts
Customer Success SMILE Global website copywriter services

Ronit contacted me looking for a website copywriter for  a new website for her positive thinking and employee wellbeing training company called SMILE Global. The timeframe was incredibly short to get the copy written and approved, but we worked very closely to ensure it was delivered on time and more importantly, it accurately reflected the company brand. Ronit was incredibly helpful in providing quick feedback – a truly collaborative effort to meet the deadline.

Copy that ranks highly on Google

Michelle is a wordsmith magician and really knows her stuff! We’ve used several of her services this past year. What stands out the most is her knowledge of SEO and the intricacies of what needs to be included in powerful and effective web copy. Michelle was patient with me along the way as I figured out the business and website concept. She is methodical and supportive, and I will always be grateful for the way she managed our project and kept me on task to ensure she had what she needed to meet our ridiculously tight launch deadline - her turnaround was nothing short of miraculous. Michelle’s combination of technical knowledge, passion for writing and solid project management ensured our new website has all the copy it needs to ‘speak’ to our prospective clients and rank highly on Google.

Ronit Gerber, Bestselling Author, Motivational
Coach & Trainer. Creator and Principle Trainer
of The SMILE System

Ronit also asked me to provide an SEO blog post writing course for her and some of her colleagues so that they could become more self-sufficient.

What shines through is care and integrity

Several people in our team have attended Michelle’s workshops and she’s even run a bespoke, in-house training session for my team. In all of this what shines through the most is care and integrity Michelle brings to all that she does.

Ronit Gerber, Bestselling Author, Motivational
Coach & Trainer. Creator and Principle Trainer
of The SMILE System
Portfolio Safe Hands Clinical Canine Massage

Writing Workshops


Blog Post Writing Workshops

Portfolio Safe Hands Clinical Canine Massage

When you write blog posts for a living, your clients are relying on you to provide useful, easy-to-digest content that is well structured, draws the reader in and gives a clear key message and next steps. That’s just the basics. On top of that, your blog needs to be written with search engines in mind. If you don’t know where to start, it’s a bit of a minefield.

That’s why I’ve developed ‘The 10 Essential Steps to Successful Blog Post Writing’, a course aimed at small business owners who want to write their own content but struggle to get started. The 2.5hr course is live online but tailored to each participant. During the course, you’ll learn how to select a good topic, how to do keyword research, writing the Call-to-Action, writing the conclusion, the main blog post structure, writing a compelling opening, a killer headline, all the SEO essentials to rank on Google and how to distribute and re-purpose your blog.

Hear from my students

I attended Michelle's Blog writing workshop. It was very informative, clearly delivered with lots of useful tips. It helped me think about how to structure my writing which is a great help. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who needs help with their writing.

Helen Forster,
Insurance Broker

I attended a blog writing course this month, it was only a couple of hours long but really helped me better structure my content. I have already started putting the things I learned into action and setting the results makes the effort so worthwhile. I would strongly recommend Michelle if you are looking for help with your written copy.

Karen Young,
Canine Massage Therapist

I attended Michelle's "how to write a blog" workshop recently. It was brilliant. Easy to follow and Michelle was very knowledgeable. She was really generous with her support and I couldn't recommend her more highly. If you need help, then this lady can definitely help you.

Sarah Brazenor,
Teenage Revision Coach

I recently attended Michelle's Blog Writing Course. It was held virtually, but Michelle had taken time to ensure it was well planned and structured so that we could get the most from the training session. Michelle very clearly explained how a blog should be structured and the level of content description required and encouraged us to build up a blog during the training session. I found the insights around key word searches and length of standard blogs really useful. I've just written my first blog using Michelle's suggested template and felt so much more confident getting my content across, so thank you!

Kate Kardooni,
Business Coach
Portfolio LinkedIn Naomi Haynes

Naomi Haynes


Naomi Haynes, Financial Planner

Tone of Voice, Website Copywriting, LinkedIn profile
Portfolio LinkedIn Naomi Haynes

Before Naomi had started seeing clients, she mentioned to me that she was looking for a website copywriter and asked if I might be able to help. With my long background in finance, she felt that I was ideally placed to help her articulate her story, purpose, vision, mission and values. Through a series of conversations, we identified Naomi’s target audience, developed the brand voice and pulled together her web copy and Linkedin profile in a short space of time.

A true professional

Michelle helped write my LinkedIn and website About Me sections and I just could not have done them without her. She really saved me time and headspace, plus it was like I also got marketing and strategy coaching in with the package. From the very start, Michelle had a clear understanding of my business and she produced ideas and content that showed this. I would highly recommend Michelle. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with and I look forward to using her services again in the near future.

Naomi Haynes,
Financial Planner
Portfolio LinkedIn Falguni Desai

Falguni Desai


Falguni Desai, Business Coach

Linkedin Profile Refresh
Portfolio LinkedIn Falguni Desai

Falguni is an incredible business coach who I met through networking – a great way to get clients 😊. She asked me if I could help her find her voice on LinkedIn. Of course, I agreed. After sending her my LinkedIn profile questionnaire, we confirmed her target client and worked on her brand voice. Falguni was extremely happy with the end result and the project turnaround time.

The word guru

I needed someone to look at my LinkedIn profile with a fresh pair of eyes. I know Michelle from a mutual networking group and asked her to help me with it. Michelle was very happy to do so. After sending me a comprehensive questionnaire to complete, we had a good conversation about my background, why I was doing what I was doing and the message I wanted to put across. Within a couple of days, Michelle had drafted something that was really clear, engaging and informative. Michelle is extremely good at what she does and is very professional. I would highly recommend her services - she is the "word guru"!

Falguni Desai,
Business Coach

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