A-Z of Great Blog Ideas That All Time-Poor Business Owners Can Use [Resources]

You know you should be writing high quality blogs to help increase your online presence, but you are short on time and even shorter on great blog ideas. Perhaps you know what you want to say, but the actual writing part is difficult, so you procrastinate. Here are 26 great blog ideas to help you break the deadlock. That’s a year’s worth if you blog once a fortnight. And if time is your enemy, hand the ideas over to a content writer to do the creation for you.


An A-Z

Yeah, I know, right? An A-Z with A-Z as the first idea – how does that work? Take a complex area of your business or just one part that has many facets and break it into bite sized chunks using each letter of the alphabet to help structure the blog. Simple.

Book Review

If you have read a book related to your business that you can share with your customers, you will show that you are someone who keeps up-to-date and who is willing to share ideas and solicit the opinions of others. Great way to increase engagement on your blog.

Case Study of a Recent Project or Client

Tell your prospective clients about how you’ve helped someone who might be just like them. Walk through the entire project from first contact to final sign off. Include the ups and the downs so readers can get a sense of the real experience with you.

Day in the Life

Give a minute by minute (or maybe hour by hour if you are short for time) account of a typical day in your business. What tasks do you do, where do you work, who do you work with, what do you enjoy most?


Write a funny post just to make your audience laugh.


Give something away – perhaps an e-book, a checklist, a podcast. Who doesn’t like something for nothing? It will tell your readers that you are willing to support them by giving them something of value with no expectation of anything in return. Except of course, you hope that they will return to read again.


Tell your customers your business goals for the coming year or a shorter period if you prefer. Perhaps they have ideas to help you reach a wider customer base or ways in which you can improve your customer service or expand your product range. Your current customers can help you work out your strategy to get new ones.

goal setting

Holiday Themed

Use an upcoming holiday to explore an area of your business. Check out Days of the Year to find out which more bizarre “holidays” are coming up. 8th October is Own Business Day for example. Or go for something a bit more unusual with “Change a Light Day” – could be useful if you are a lighting company? When thinking about your blog schedule for the year, you can work in the major holidays, a couple of more unusual holidays and that will give you a great start.


Interview someone about an area related to your business. A video interview would be great for higher engagement if you and your interviewee aren’t camera shy. Find out what inspires them, how they got into their business and ask them for a great tip.

Jobs You Don’t Enjoy

Which tasks in your business do you struggle with and why? Ask for tips on how to do things differently as this will encourage your readers to interact with your blog and help gain more exposure. Always remember to ask people to share your writing with others.

Know Your Customer

Write about your ideal customer. Maybe there’s a whole bunch of people out there that would love your product or service but they don’t know that it would be such a good fit for them. Explain who you would love to do business with and ask your readers to share with people they know that match that description.


Use rhyme to talk about your business in an inspiring, uplifting or lighthearted way. Writing poems or limericks can inject some emotion and fun into your blog and help you connect with people in a different way.

Fire and Ice Poem by Robert Frost

Myth buster

Take a commonly held misconception in an area related to your business and help get the truth out there. Show that you are someone who likes to get to the nub of a matter and do research rather than just assuming everything you hear is a fact. Your customers may be surprised by what you have to say.


What’s happening in your business this month? Do you have new products or services launching? Are you running any events? What changes are you making?


Give your opinion on a particular area of your business and ask others to share their views. Have a debate, but keep it friendly!

Photos and person holding a mirror and camera


Share photos you have taken that inspire your work. If you are in a creative field, you will have loads of inspiring pics to show your potential clients. If you offer services, its a little more tricky, but try to think of ways to include visuals on your website and social media. Perhaps post a picture of you delivering your service.


Explain what makes you and/or your business different. Think about what makes you unique and how that might appeal to your ideal customer. Don’t be afraid to be a bit kooky or unusual.


Share resources that you find helpful in your business with your customers. Perhaps they will have resources that they can let you know about. After all, when you give out, you will receive back. Everyone wins.


Take a complex topic relevant in your business and break it into bite-sized chunks. For example, if you are a caterer, for example, explain the process of winning the business through to delivering the service on the day of the event. You could present it as a diary.


Share your most glowing recommendation and explain how you made your client so happy. Don’t be modest. Explain the relationship, how you delivered the work and what was the biggest factor in your client giving you such a great recommendation.


Upcoming event/promotion

Talk about a future sale, promotion or special event in the near futures. Use this as an opportunity to promote a specific part of your business or to appeal to particular client groups for a certain product or service.

Video How to

Do a videoed demonstration of something relevant in your business. If you are a cupcake maker, do an overhead demonstration of how to mix and bake great cupcakes. As a first aid trainer, you could demonstrate how to do CPR or perhaps a florist could show how to make a small hand-tied bouquet. Most businesses can find something in their product or service to show off.

Why/how you started your business

Why did you get started in this business? What are your aspirations for your business? What do you enjoy most about being in business? How do you overcome challenges? Basically just talk about what makes you tick.


What do you feel you are really good at and why are you better than your competitors? Where are your strengths?


Tell your clients about you. From where you were born, to your family, education, likes and dislikes, loves and losses. People like to buy from people they know and trust. Put something of yourself out there and see how people respond.


If your customers and business disappeared overnight, what would you do? How would you cope and what difficulties would you have to overcome? What would you do instead?

So there you go. Loads of great blog ideas for business owners who just can’t think what to write about. What are you waiting for?

If you need support for writing and need blog ideas for your business, please do contact me on michelle@eshkeri.co.uk and ask about my content writing services.

Please let me know in the comments below if you’ve decided to use one of the above ideas for your next blog post because I’d love to read it.

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