Good Copywriting – It Isn’t Just About Selling

What is copywriting? What does a copywriter do? Most people think of copywriting as a sales tool and of course, it is. But it’s more than that. Good copywriting engages the intended audience in a deeper way. It helps the brand or business make a connection with the audience which delivers value to both parties. The relationship is born and/or develops.

Achieving sales is hard. Getting people to buy your product or service can be onerous, especially if you are in a saturated marketplace. You need ways to stand out from the crowd. Clearly having an innovative product or a differentiated service is ideal. Not everyone can easily find a USP with their core product or service. However, they can choose to enhance their customer experience by giving them information, tips, hints or simply conversation as part of the connection. So, copy and content writing can be invaluable.

Is Blogging Still Important

A good freelance copywriter knows how to write to reach your intended audience. A well-timed blog on a hot topic can help to grow your brand indirectly by providing an opportunity for interaction with your potential customers or merely giving them some free advice or suggestions to make their day better.

By offering them something valuable – business insight, a chance to discuss their requirements or just make a comment, you open the door to future conversations. Most people like to get to know the people they do business with, and this is particularly so when you are a small business and your customer is local to you. The person behind the brand is the brand. If your customer feels that personal connection with you, they are much more likely to buy from you and be loyal to your company in the future.

Content writing

Sometimes what I have just described is known as content writing rather than copywriting. In the past, there was more of a distinction drawn, where copywriting was more overtly sales-focused; looking for the reader to take some sort of action such as make a purchase, download an e-book, whereas content writing was more about engagement through blogs, articles, and informational web pages. Now, copy needs to be more content driven to be effective as customers become ever more sophisticated. Copywriting and content writing are becoming a blended discipline.

As a small business, it can be to stay on track with all the tasks you need to do. Core business is most important; it’s what brings in the revenue, but a business cannot function without admin, finance, and marketing effort. Many small businesses are aware that they need to be marketing just at the very time when they are too busy to be doing marketing. Social media posts and blogs are vital to ensure continued interaction with your customer. This helps you rank on Google, but these activities can be very time-consuming and require skills that small businesses may not have in-house. That’s where an effective copy or content writer can share the burden.

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