How To Write A Blog Post That People Will Read (And Enjoy)

Anyone can write a blog post. But not everyone can write one that is coherent, easy to digest and gets the main message across in an interesting, authoritative or entertaining way. 

To write a good blog post, you need a number of skills. First, of course, a good command of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. That’s the bare minimum. 


Then you need to understand your audience and the purpose of the piece. What is the desired outcome from someone reading your blog? What action do you want them to take? The blog needs to encourage them towards the desired action.

Blog structure

If you have interesting points to make, but your reader can’t follow your argument or train of thought, you will quickly lose them.

For your blog to be read by anyone apart from your mum, you need to write and format it to get noticed by Google. There’s a very complex algorithm using around 200 factors which is used to push content up or down the rankings. If you don’t get this right, you are at the bottom of the pile.

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People are unsure about using a content writer because they don’t understand how someone else could possibly write about their business. Good content writers are able to quickly research a new topic. They will find an new or surprising angle and write you an article that sounds like it came from you. 

To see some examples of my recent blogs, you can check out this series I created for Bharti Bhikha at the Children’s Traffic Club. This involved me receiving a copy of the educational resources and getting to know the product in my own time. I read the book and played with the app to understand how clients use the resources . After that, we agreed on the 6 topics for the posts. Each blog involved researching the topic using resources available on the internet as well as the physical educational resources themselves. Most of the blogs required only minor tweaks by the client. Naturally, I always include editing as part of the service.

Happy clients

This is what the client sent me once the series was complete:

“It has been fantastic to work with Michelle and has been collaborative in supporting us develop our brand awareness through her writing of blog content for our Children’s Traffic Club road safety and active travel programme for under 5’s.

She has been exceptional in demonstrating her quick understanding of the programme features, the benefits and ensuring the tone and delivery is appropriate and authentic for the target audience

Michelle has a very methodical approach, consistently demonstrated her ability to absorb knowledge and also brings added value by being forward thinking and making her own recommendations to improve content.

She has been a pleasure to work with and her writing is flawless!”

I can help you find your online voice with a great value blog package. Please get in touch on michelle@eshkeri.co.uk or call me on 07789 928530.

Comment below to let me know if you write your own blog posts and what process you follow.

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