Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Brokers : The 15 Best Ways to Find New Clients

Marketing strategies for mortgage brokers can be creative. Social media is not the be all and end all of marketing.

Is generating mortgage leads for your business losing your sleep each night?

You didn’t become a mortgage broker to do marketing, but without it, you don’t have a sustainable business.

Want to get some ideas for ways to market to your ideal client?


Marketing strategies for mortgage brokers don’t have to be hard sell

Read on for the 15 best ways to get your mortgage business in front of more people who need your services. Everyone is posting on social media – it’s a busy noisy place and so hard to get noticed so let’s look at some other ways you can get the attention of your ideal clients.

1. Referrals

The absolute golden marketing method is word-of-mouth. What better way of getting new clients than having existing or previous clients referring new clients to you?
Always encourage existing clients to make referrals by 1) asking them to do it and 2) consider incentivizing them with a finder’s fee.

2. Networking with other property-based businesses

A great way to find new clients is to increase your network of other businesses that are already working with your target client, namely estate agents, conveyancing solicitors, property developers, architects, property management companies, and financial advisors. All these business owners will be speaking to clients every day who need a mortgage, so make sure you are front and centre in their minds.

3. Collaborations with local businesses

Another option high up on the list of the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers is creating mutually beneficial collaborations with other businesses in your local area.
You could run an event with other finance professionals targeted at first-time buyers where they can get access to exclusive deals. You could create a special deal with an estate agent who can refer their clients to you. You could get creative with other business owners in your locale to see how else you can help each other.

Marketing strategies for mortgage brokers - seminar or talk

4. SEO blogging

Content is king and people looking to buy a house often have many questions that you can answer, so provide useful content on your blog to showcase your expertise. If you distribute your content widely and frequently to your social media and email list, your blogs will be noticed by Google and you can climb up the rankings.

5. Create a free lead magnet

Who doesn’t love a checklist or a how-to guide? Create valuable documents and use them to get potential leads onto your email list. Use nurture sequences to warm up your leads before you make any offers.

6. Create personal finance videos or a podcast

Personal finances and money management are great topics for mortgage brokers to talk about as part of their marketing strategies.

7. Use Google My Business

Marketing strategies for mortgage brokers should always include creating a Google My Business listing. This free online directory is brilliant for getting your business noticed by your potential clients. Think of it a bit like another social media platform and add regular posts and photos for maximum exposure.


8. Have a FAQ page on your website

Not only is this marketing strategy helpful to your clients, but Google also loves a well-structured FAQ page. Try to categorise your questions to make it easier for clients to find what they need.

9. Sponsor and attend a local event

Becoming a bit of a local ‘celebrity’ by sponsoring a community event such as a Christmas Market or a Summer Fair is a great way for your audience to become more aware of your business.

10. Run personal finance classes at your local university or further education college

There’s never enough financial education in schools, colleges, and unis, so why not offer your speaking services to help young people learn more about money management. You don’t just have to talk about mortgages; you could also talk about loans, credit cards, and savings as well. Take swag with your company logo such as pens, notebooks, and bookmarks.

11. Ask people to add you to their address book

Simply ask people to put your number in their mobile under the title “The Mortgage Guy” so that they have your number easily to hand when they or someone they know needs a mortgage.

12. Niche your messaging to attract your ideal client

If you want to work with a particular subset of clients – first-time buyers, buy-to-let landlords, commercial property, or equity release, then get clear on your messaging. Call out to your ideal client by showing them that you understand their pain points and their needs and you have the solution to their problems.

13. Send a congratulations gift to all new homeowners who took their mortgage through you and ask them to pass on your details to their friends and family

When new homeowners get the keys to their property, particularly first-time buyers, it’s an incredibly exciting time. You can stick in their minds by sending them a housewarming gift – a bottle of champagne or some posh tea and biscuits. Send a card and ask them to refer you to their friends and family at the same time.

14. Approach trade magazines and write an article including your contact details

Getting your name known in the industry as an expert in your field is a great way to attract new leads. Marketing strategies for mortgage brokers should always include finding writing opportunities to showcase your knowledge.

15. Get yourself listed in a respected local business directory

Many areas have A5 magazines that are delivered directly to homes. Take out an advert or advertorial in a local magazine so your community learns about your existence.

Marketing isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard if you get support.
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