SEO for financial advisors: Use your blog posts to win clients

Understanding SEO for financial advisors isn’t hard – it’s a numbers game and financial advisors are great with numbers. Knowing what to do with those numbers once you’ve found them is a little more involved, but again, not too tricky if you follow a process.

So how do you use SEO in your blog posts to win new clients?

SEO is all about finding keywords in your niche that helps you to put you ahead of your competition when it comes to showing up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To do that, you’re going to have to do 2 fundamental things:

1) Pin down who you are targeting and
2) Stop chasing the huge volume keywords

If you are going to be able to pinpoint what your client is searching for, so that you can write blog posts about it. Then you need to know exactly who you are targeting so you can research what they are looking for.
Then you need to let go of the desire to try to rank for high-volume keywords because frankly, it ain’t gonna happen. Well, not just yet anyway.

SEO for financial advisors is simple when you know your client

Step 1: Make a list of all the people you currently help with your services or if you are brand new in business, think about the main reason you started your business and identify one client who lines up to that purpose. For example, perhaps you went through a messy divorce yourself and want to help other people getting divorced, or perhaps you lost a loved one early.

Step 2: Choose just one target client to focus on. This makes your marketing job MUCH easier and it doesn’t prevent others from coming to you, if you show your authority and expertise in your writing.

Step 3: Think about your client’s pain points. What problem do you solve for them? What tools or processes do you use? These can be useful keywords that can help you rank.

Step 4: Use a keyword research tool such as Keysearch or Ubersuggest to drill down from generic keywords such as ‘divorce finances’ to identify keywords that have a low (under 20) competitive score that you have a much better chance of ranking for, such as ‘divorce finances checklist’.

Step 5: Write a blog post using that keyword that gives value to your ideal client and includes a call-to-action for them to get in touch if they need more help. See this post on where to include your keyword in a blog.

Step 6: Distribute the blog post on your website, LinkedIn, Medium, and across all your social media channels. If you are in a business networking group, ask the members to comment on your blog post on your website and to share the post to their networks, primarily where your ideal client is hanging out.

Step 7: Revisit the blog post once every 3 months to update it. This can give your website a boost as Google will re-index your content when you update it.

SEO for financial advisors is an area I specialise in, so if you are struggling with any of the steps above, please get in touch at or complete my contact form.

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn. See you there…

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