Small business awards: writing your application

Entering small business awards can be highly beneficial for your company. Even getting through to the finals brings a certain level of kudos and helps cement your business as an important and professional organisation that will attract new and retain existing clients. It positions you as a company that cares about its reputation and helps you recruit the best employees as well.

But how do you go about entering business awards?

Most business awards require the business themselves to submit a nomination form. This can be a considerable task depending on the awards you enter because there are usually several pages of questions to complete.

Which is why many fantastic small businesses never get around to putting their nomination forms in.

Everyone knows it can be hard to write about yourself and your company. That’s why people hire copywriters, after all.

But what about having someone else write your application for you?

By employing a copywriter who understands the requirements of how to write nomination forms that get results, you can greatly increase your chances of becoming a finalist or a winner.

Benefits of entering small business awards


Your business gains more customer awareness, particularly in your local area.


Staff are motivated to perform well for a company that is doing great things and winning awards.


Businesses that win awards upgrade their status in the eyes of many customers.


When you apply for small business awards, it forces you to think critically about your business, what you have achieved and how you can do better.


The process of applying for small business awards

Search on Google for Small business awards 2022 and make a list of any that have categories you could enter. Note down the closing date for entries and any fees.
Decide which awards you want to enter. You may be limited by your PR budget – don’t forget to factor in the cost of the award ceremonies themselves.
Identify the categories that you could apply for and carefully read the judging criteria so you know what you need to include on your application.
If you find writing difficult or too time-consuming, consider outsourcing this to a professional copywriter who has proven experience in helping businesses win awards.
Make sure you submit your nomination before the entry deadline.

If you work with me to write your small business awards nomination, it will be very much a collaborative effort.

We’ll have an initial meeting where we discuss the award and categories you want to enter and the judging criteria. This meeting will last around 90 minutes and I’ll ask you lots of questions about you, your business, your clients and your services.

Then l’ll draft the nomination form and there will be an opportunity to do up to two rounds of edits. It’s your responsibility to make the final submission though.

You are free to use the words I write to help you enter any number of awards/categories you wish after the initial engagement, so this service is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you would like to get recognition for your hard work, why not consider entering some small business awards in 2022.

Email me on to get the process started. There’s no time like the present.

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