Blog Writing Services: Why Copywriters Don’t Follow Their Own Advice

When I was researching blog writing services and trying to decide whether I could be successful as a paid writer, I took a look at a whole bunch of copywriter’s websites. I noticed that more than 75% of copywriters who offered blog writing services often had a blog area on their website. However, many copywriters don’t regularly write their own blog posts. The blog area was rarely kept up-to-date. Or there are times when they write lots and then there are gaps when they don’t write at all. This is inconsistent with the advice that most will give their clients. It’s better to pick a frequency and post consistently than have a deluge followed by a drought.

I thought this was interesting because a great way to promote your blog writing services is to present them on your own blog with posts that showcase your writing abilities.

Easier said than done.

Now my business is coming up for 1 year old. I realise why many copywriters don’t have an up-to-date blog. They are too busy writing blogs for clients and their own blogs drop to the bottom of the to-do list.

Hands up – I have been guilty of this since early June.

Prior to June, I kept my blog updated every day. When lockdown hit, I took to attending A LOT of online networking meetings to help grow my visibility.

And it worked.

More blog writing services

In July, I gained 300% more paid work than I did in April- yay! Something had to give – my own blogging.

But I realise the value of writing my own blog to help people get a sense of who I am. I can also explain what I can help them with and how. So I plan to be more structured from now on. I will write at least one of my own blogs each fortnight.

As a writer, I am fortunate that every piece of writing showcases my business services, irrespective of the actual content of the blog.

Of course, blogs which drive more traffic are ones which deliver direct value to my client such as:

How To Write A Blog Post Fast

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What Is An SEO Copywriter

Although, a series of posts on LinkedIn have encouraged two people to ask me if I would consider writing their life stories for them.

Hell, yeah!

So, if you visit a content writer’s site and they don’t have an up-to-date blog, perhaps the only thing you can infer from it, is that they are writing for paying clients rather than themselves, not that they can’t be bothered to write their own blogs.

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