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Marketing for Accountants: Love Numbers, Hate Words?

Content marketing for accountants: Why should you use a financial services copywriter?

When I set up my copywriting business, my first client was a Mindfulness trainer. Providing content marketing for accountants was not part of my business strategy.

After working for 23 years in a range of finance roles including financial accounting, cost and management accounting and finance systems accounting, I initially felt that writing for accountants would be somewhat of a backward step in my career progression.

So, I set about working with a wide range of different businesses in niches. These included a scaffolding company, an animal behaviour specialist, an HR consultant, photographers and an office furniture company to name just a few.

Gradually clients and networking contacts began referring me to other small businesses. Over the next few months, I worked with a range of financial services businesses including a risk management company, financial advisors, accountants, a bookkeeper, a mortgage broker and an insurance broker.

Marketing for accountants with charisma

With more financial services businesses coming to me for web copy, SEO blogs, and social media content, it made sense to tailor my own marketing specifically for accountants and other finance-related businesses who want to stand out from the crowd by putting a bit more personality into their content.

My unique selling proposition is my long experience in finance.

Why hire a copywriter that doesn’t understand your business language? Get someone who knows the difference between an accrual and a prepayment and can quickly research and understand complex finance subjects instead.

How I can help your accountancy business

My services include new website copy or re-writes as well as SEO blog writing retained packages. You’ll get in-depth keyword research to help you target phrases that your website has a good chance to rank for and that your ideal client is searching for. We’ll work together to create and implement a content plan that will position your business as an authority in your field. And we’ll engage your ideal client with content that they value.

Website copywriting projects

Work with me to update your website to show your personality – break that stereotype – accountants are NOT boring!

We’ll kick off the project with a 60-90 minute client interview so I can learn about your business, your values, goals, and content objectives. Following that, I’ll conduct keyword research to identify the target words for each page. It’s important to understand what you can realistically rank for given your website’s current domain authority.

The first draft of the home page is usually provided within 5 working days of the kick-off meeting so that you can approve the tone of voice. After that we’ll work through the rest of the website, incorporating the agreed keywords.

It’s important to me that clients are 100% happy with the copy, so edits are included in every project.

Blog writing retainer packages

Google loves websites that are updated frequently with valuable content. And it’s an ongoing requirement if you want to rank high up the list. A blog writing retainer means you’ll get high-quality, well-researched articles that you can use, not only on your website but also on social media or in print magazines or journals.

Social media content writing

Although I don’t offer a full social media management service, I can write posts that help you get noticed on the best B2B networking platform in the world – LinkedIn. The key to success on LinkedIn is to use a mixture of business and personal content to start conversations and develop relationships. If you are only about selling your services, you probably won’t get much traction, but if you show your human and personal side, potential clients can get to know you. That’s the beginning of a great partnership.

My comprehensive LinkedIn package induces a profile re-write, a library of reusable content (25 or 45 posts) that can also be repurposed for other platforms, and training on how to get the best out of the platform.

Do you enjoy marketing?

Marketing is unavoidable. In my experience, many accountants find marketing daunting and draining. Accountants love numbers but often they are less comfortable with words. That can lead to dull, uninspiring content that lacks personality. Or very sporadic posting which does nothing to help your clients find you online.

Let’s change that together.

I love writing but I also love numbers. That makes me the perfect copywriter to implement marketing for accountants.

Marketing for accountants by Michelle

My eyes won’t glaze over when you talk to me about capital gains tax. I’m not phased when my clients ask me to write about annuities, R&D tax credits, risk management strategies, income protection, the Autumn Budget statement, currency exchange rates or pretty much anything else to do with finance that you might like me to research and write about.

Does that sound like your idea of heaven? Handoff your content creation to me whilst you do what you do.

Give me a call to chat about how I can help you reach more people who could become your best clients.

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